nw Studios Clockwork Form & Function

nw StudiosClockwork Form & Function

I create with a passion for both the aestetic & the architecture. Looking to build a brand from scratch, create an identity for an event, or update your website to refocus your UI and content delivery? I can help you communicate your thoughts and ideas and build on solid development practices.

Let’s build something!

Hendrick Interiors

Designed and developed a blog and gallery site for an Interior Design firm based in out of Washington DC.

Site was developed using Craft CMS.

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Social Media Icons user interface

Created icons to enhance UI of GirlTalk website.

Covenant Life Church App mobile app

Designed splash image, context images, as well as helped develop templates for Covenant Life Church's mobile app, on Subsplash's Church App platform.

A Note of Hope website

A Note of Hope site was for a benefit for Covenant Mercies, an organization that cares for the needy, particularly orphans in Africa

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